Due to ever declining earth resources, Hien Lee as a socially responsible company is convinced that it is pivotal for the firm to derive a long-term environmental protection plan, pinpointing multiple areas in preserving the environment. Environmental measures consist of a series of well-defined waste disposal systems, energy conservation and encouragement of employees and subcontractors to participate in various types of environmental clean-up campaigns. As a company in a whole, Hien Lee will strive to achieve optimal efficiency in its daily operations to effectively reduce its carbon footprint, thereby contributing to the protection of valuable environmental resources. The illustrated pie chart highlights the 5 main key areas of focus in achieving sustainable construction.

Measures and Achievement

  • Air and noise pollution
  • Waste management
  • Energy saving and reduce carbon footprints
  • Landscape and visual impact

Supply Chain Management

  • Green procurement of materials
  • Subletting process for subcontractors
  • Productivity with advanced technology
  • Building long term relationships

Engagement and communication

  • Corporate culture
  • External management

Innovation in Sustainable Construction

  • Innovative thinking
  • Innovating initiation
  • Adoption of new techniques

Recent Environmental Protection Initiatives


Coastal cleanup at Sha Lan by Hien Lee Engineering Co.,Ltd


Green Living Initiatives in Office

  • Paper usage in the company office are reused and recycled
  • Office room temperature monitoring system and implementation
  • Educate employees about”Living green”, guidelines are provided and displayed in permanent office base and site offices.